EXTENDING THE TEN-MILE-LOOP ACROSS THE DELAWARE RIVER: In the late 1960's, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) proposed a bridge that was to connect the Ten-Mile-Loop Expressway, an 18.2-mile-long, northern circumferential bypass around Philadelphia, with the 5.6-mile-long Riverside-Moorestown Freeway in Burlington County, New Jersey. According to the DVRPC 1985 Regional Transportation Plan, no specific information regarding jurisdiction, construction, cost or financing was provided for the proposed Torresdale-Riverside Bridge, which was to be located north of the existing Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.

The DVRPC estimated that the Torresdale-Riverside Bridge, which did not have a known route designation, would be completed by 1985. However, no agency had made any recommendation on this bridge proposal.

SOURCES: "Philadelphia's Comprehensive Plan for Expressways," Philadelphia City Planning Commission (1966); 1985 Regional Transportation Plan, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (1969); Len Pundt.

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