NJ 68 Freeway (unbuilt)

In 1960, the New Jersey State Highway Department mapped out a network of proposed freeways that was to supplement the existing network of toll roads and Interstate highways. One of these routes, the north-south NJ 68 Freeway, was to provide improved access within eastern Burlington County, specifically to Fort Dix Military Reservation and McGuire Air Force Base.

Beginning at the end of the existing four-lane divided NJ 68 arterial, which was completed in 1953 to provide access from US 206 and the New Jersey Turnpike, the NJ 68 Freeway was to have an interchange with the proposed east-west NJ 38 Freeway. The interchange, which was to offer access to the Philadelphia-Camden metropolitan area and northern New Jersey shore resorts, was to be located near the existing NJ 68-CR 537 (Monmouth Road) intersection in Wrightstown.

South of Wrightstown, the NJ 68 Freeway was to continue along the western edge of Fort Dix Military Reservation. The southern terminus of the ten-mile-long freeway was to be located at the intersection of NJ 70 and NJ 72 ("Four Mile Circle") in Vincentown.

Low traffic demands, high construction costs and increased environmental concerns ultimately thwarted construction of both the NJ 68 and NJ 38 freeways through Burlington County.

SOURCES: "New Jersey Builds Better Highways," New Jersey State Highway Department (1961); "Expressway Plans," Regional Plan Association News (May 1964).

  • NJ 68 shield by Ralph Herman.


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