THE WHITE HORSE FREEWAY? In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) proposed a freeway along the US 30 corridor. In addition to relieving congestion along the existing US 30 (White Horse Pike), the proposed US 30 Freeway was to serve as a relief route for the North-South Freeway (I-76 / I-676 / NJ 42).

The US 30 Freeway was to be constructed from the eastern approach of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (I-676 and US 30) in Camden southeast to I-295 (near EXIT 29) in Haddon Heights. The DVPRC scheduled completion of the six-mile-long, $40 million US 30 Freeway for 1975. Long-range plans called for a 5.7-mile-long, $16 million extension of the US 30 Freeway southeast to Berlin, terminating at the junction of the (unbuilt) NJ 90 Freeway extension. The extension between Haddon Heights and Berlin was to be completed by 1985.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) neither made specific plans for the US 30 Freeway, nor approved the DVRPC proposal. Instead, the NJDOT pushed for a freeway along the NJ 38 corridor to provide an eastern expressway link to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. By the late 1970's, both the US 30 and NJ 38 freeway proposals had been killed.

SOURCES: 1985 Regional Transportation Plan, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (1969); New Jersey Department of Transportation; Len Pundt.

  • US 30 shield by Ralph Herman.


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